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"Project" is the focus. Because your project is key to data collection and reporting, AegisWeb offers a multitude of project descriptors, organized by target parties of interest: Management, Accounting, Business Development, etc. AegisWeb can provide extensive user-defined item support for the specific needs of your diverse staff.

Customization is no problem. A variety of setup options, organizational techniques and user-defined items flex the system to your needs. This improves profitability and increases employee and client satisfaction.

Secure access, any time, anywhere. Web-based access speeds your business processes, yielding bottom-line gains through cost reductions and improved productivity.

Extensive array of standard reports. Timely data from the AegisWeb system, plus a substantial selection of standard reports, means you can aggressively manage your projects "now" from a variety of perspectives.

Audit trails.
Both user and system generated transactions maintain clear and permanent audit trails, virtually eliminating audit headaches.
Pays the bills.
AegisWeb collects and processes employee, project and financial activity so that invoicing and payments can be quickly generated.

Capacity for evolution. As your business grows, so does AegisWeb. There are no practical limits to the volume of records maintained with AegisWeb. Code sizes support an extensive set of user-defined items.

Full system integration. Data entered into AegisWeb is made available to all modules immediately, eliminating duplication of effort, streamlining the input processes and keeping all your users up to date with the latest information available.

Relational database tables. Knowledgeable users can develop "ad hoc" queries and reports so you can stay responsive to business demands via quick access to information and analysis.